Gemini’s new castle of DOOOM

Been Helping my bro with his castle and shop. Trying to think up a way to have both and boost his shops performance. Truth is with LL buying SLX and the SL search being nuffin more than a shoddy List of places, having a shop IN sl is difficult. How many of you buy off …

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Welcome Willow

At the weekend my Real World long time pet and friend Willow passed away after nearly 20 years of companionship. In memory of her she now sits on my Cabin bed sleeping in peace.

Where the Wild things Are?

Anyone who knows me knows im a big fan of where the wild things are. There is an SL copy of the kids book in the Goony Club house. Well yesterday the trailer for the forthcoming move came out and i was so excited about it that i made a new version of my Max …

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Second Childhood Project

I’ve been Busy working away over the last 3 months on a new project called Second Childhood. The project aims to embrace the entire Child Avatar Community and present it to the world. It started with a simple idea to make a portal site for non SL users to join the child Community directly with …

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The State of Shopping in SL

There was a time where i had 5 shops on the go which brought in a load of money to pay for the rent of my Islands and even have some profit to change back into real money. It was the early days when SIM owners survived off content creators who rented shops in big …

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