2008 Beltaine Wikerman

For the third time in Secondlife i held a brning of a wikerman to celebrate the Beltaine. An old tradition done to say goodbye to the winter months and welcome the summer times. Had a few problems with the music stream and the constant Mac viewer freezing made controlling the flames difficult, but i think all …

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The BELTAINE Fire 2007

On Thursday after my DJ Show me and afew of my friends celebrated the time of Beltaine by parading up the Hill on Loki Island to Pans Garden where a wikerman had been built. This is the second year i have celebrated Beltaine in SL. The burning of the wikerman and the Beltaine fire symbolises the …

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Beltaine wikerman

Finally had a pirate party that did not end abruptly. Ater dancing around getting merry on the new island i had recently aquired, we went to the top of Loki Island and set fire to the Wickerman. Afterwoulds we all drank more…… Happy Beltaine, may yur summer be fruitful…..

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