Vortex Moved

Was wyrd to appear at Kesalle only to see an empty hole where the Vortex used to be. Not to threat though, as it had only moved to Clown Town… and then after a day or so, moved to Technocity where it enjoys a drama free atmosphere…. except next door a huge pile of poo …

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Last night Vortex session was BLAST!!

Thursdays are usually quite crap for me, but last night was the best ever. So many turned up through out the night it was spiffing. Organising with Gemini to let me have a vendor there in future. He’s finally moved it to an island and hopefully this will make things speedy there as long as …

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DJ Loki, LIVE at the Vortex

Had a great time last night at Club Vortex. Its such a well designed Club, not tacky. Its well spaced and dark like a real club. I tend to play alot of dance music such as techno and trance as im told thats wot alot of residents like. Most of my friends were there, Austin, …

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