T H E W E L L – Aftermath

So the scary Halloween experience after four weeks planning and just two weeks open to visitors has gone from over 500 visits a day while on destination login screen to levelling out to 150 after dropping off editors choice.

For this experience i had two counters set up. One for when people first arrive at ‘T H E  W E L L’ and one for those who actually make it down ‘T H E  W E L L’ . This was important for seeing the difference between people just appearing and those getting engaged in the experience.

Even with the system to pay and wear the HUD as easy as possible, there was still a huge drop off from arriving at ‘T H E  W E L L’ and playing the experience..

Visitors in Second Life rolls in waves and you can see that at the weekends there is a spurt of visits.

By the 13th of November while still up at 129 visitors the play through rate had shrunk to just 9. I thought maybe this was an error on my part stopping people from being able to get down ‘T H E  W E L L’ but in fact it’s correct.

Making the HUD temp attach was a mistake as people who crashed found they had to purchase another one. So i went and changed it so that it added the HUD to inventory. I think it was a case of me just wanting to use snazzy new tools instead of looking at the practicality.

Trying to get visitors to take part in a game when they arrive is a real challenge and one that i’m hoping the Linden Realms Experience Tools will close the gap between by making it even easier to start things rolling. Although some might argue that the uptake would improve if i did not charge $L25.

‘T H E  W E L L’  has been a really fun experiment with so far 1000 people having a go.  I’ve also had great feedback on an SLfeed thread …..


“Verrrry Scarrrry!!! Loved it went down 3 times…different every time, great sl experience.”

” Very short… I don’t think it was worth L$25. I mean, I finished it in less that 1 1/2 minutes.. Good story. Well done. Just not enough of it. ”

“omg so scary, an even made my dogs jump!”

“I loved it!! Give us more please. Best thing on SL EVER and I’ve been here 7 years”

“HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome! I jumped outta my skull!”

“I thought it was good!! I don’t really understand what happened in the end?? Maybe I missed it?”

“It took about 1 minute to run through. Seriously? For 25L?”

“very fun! i jumped and screamed more then once! thanks”


People have wished it was longer, so i’m thinking maybe this time next year i will produce ‘T H E  W E L L  2’ . Maybe by then LL will have released the new region permissions system allowing us to see wether it’ll make a difference to the gap between ‘Visiting’ and ‘taking part’. Or maybe it’ll turn out that LL decided against having region specific permissions system… we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

2 thoughts on “T H E W E L L – Aftermath

  1. It really was a fun experience, Loki. An idea for next time: give people also a 25LS gift card after they finished the experience. Then put a shirt up for sale “I did (not) survive the well” for 100 LS plus a sign to more stuff in your store your store. I bet it’s a good way to earn a few extra lindens!

  2. A thought occurred me on one of my six or seven trips down The Well: This is one chapter in the story. How did it begin? What happened along the way to this point? It might be awesome if other creators added chapters under the supervision of a story editor. Each segment could then be relatively short if need be and broken up among various sims to reduce lag. Perhaps each creator could then work in a theme they normally work with to highlight their businesses … Doomed Ship, for example, or Halloween Town, or Enchantend/Bentham.

    The Well was certainly worth L$25, though, despite being brief. That is a small sum compared to Real Life money, about ten to fifteen cents American. I’ve seen people drop that much on a sidewalk and not bother to bend over and pick it up.

    @Estelle … I like that idea 😀

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