Work In Progress

Just to give my friends a run down of what i’m currently working on that might interest them.

We are halfway through my Mesh Crash Course and so far no ones come to me with any issues yet. After the course is complete , i’ll get some feed back formt he students and then look into releasing it as an iBooks textbook with interactive gubbins. A few students have been busy with other projects thanks to Burn2 which is always conveniently times to collide with halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, i’m also  well into building my ‘scary’ experience. After visiting some haunted house where ghosts faded in an out (ahhhh scary!), i decided to see if it was actually possible to strike feel into SL Users. Using my experience with HUD design and Mesh environments i will try to make something that will scare people or make them jump. I think a key area to exploit will be sound FX as well as some visual tricks using HUDS.

You can enjoy (or not enjoy) the fruits of my experiments hopefully middle of next week. Obviously i don’t want to leave it to late if im going to submit it to Destination Guide.

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  1. Glad you got your cake link. That was something I worked with (in a non-official capacity) the last SL community lead on setting up. 🙂

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