What would a mobile Second Life be?

I like playing the guessing game with Second Life’s future. A lot of people do.  

When LL bought Avatars United, i tried to guess how they might use the tech with SL. Yeh didn’t work out how i thought, but still we got SLfeed and i can’t live without that now.

SLfeed, Planned or an accident? 

SLfeed is an interesting addition for Second Life, i don’t know wether they intended for SLfeed to be how it is or not. The implementation of snapshots I’m pretty sure came about from someone saying ‘Hey LL, why not make it so we can haz snapshots in our feedz’. Now it’s likely one of the most used and popular features. I use it to promote new shops, i use it to document adventures, i use it to announce events, i use it to share things i find interesting and i use it to show how much fun I’m having with friends. I’m pretty Sure Linden Lab did not expect that. It would be interesting to see how many snapshots a day are posted to SLfeed. I do miss the fun statistics of SL.

Some people still do not use SLfeed or worst don’t even know it exists. (Some people only know SL feed and are oblivious of the actual 3D world of Second life).

When first released, i had reservations on how useful it would be. It’s basically a web service disconnected from the 3D spaces of SL but all that changed as soon as Snapshots became publishable from in SL. For me it truly changed things for the better, but why it’s stopped at snapshot’s i don’t know.

To me it would make sense to tie other Sl related activity into SLfeed. For example why can i only comment on Destination guide using Facebook account (WTF!?),  that should be linked to SLfeed. Why is there no SLfeed button on Marketplace products?

When Avatars United was bought by LL, Second Life users rushed to create group pages which in the end got deleted when AU was removed from existence. This showed how much the user base wanted better group options, Avatars United was a breath of fresh group air. Unfortunately everyone had to go back to the old groups which haven’t changed in years.

My Suggestion

SLfeed gives an opportunity to breath fresh options into groups. I’ve discussed with friends how simply having an SLfeed Group Page could breath life back into group activities. An idea to add an option to tag a snapshot or post with a group you are in. You could then pool your snapshots to Group Pages. So i could look at all the posts related to My Escapades Group, then go to the New Babbage SL Feed Group Page and see all the snapshots and messages related to that group. Add to this the ability for notifications to appear in the SLfeed group pages and suddenly you have a much easier way to keep up to speed with whats going on in groups.

Without realising it, we have a section of Second Life that could be classed as mobile. SLfeed gives users the ability to communicate, buy and organise their second lives on the go. It just all seems terribly untidy at the moment. May be the Marketplace team arn’t in the same room as the destination guide people or the SLfeed people and thats why integration between them all seems elusive.

If LL were ever to evolve a synergy between SLfeed and the other features in SL, then it would only be a small stretch to expect a native mobile App dedicated to organising your second life. Instead of a page for destination guide, page for SLfeed, page for marketplace (and a page maybe for groups) it could all be incorporated into a mobile app.

But Why Bother?

Lots has been said about making the actual Grid of Second Life mobile, and some have even started to achieve it in some degrees. But it is generally believed that achieving the Second Life Grid on a mobile device impossible especially when its difficult to get it running even on high end Computers.

If LL were going to make SL for the mobile market it’s probably more likely they would have to create a new grid specifically designed to be on mobile. Is this such a bad idea? The first thought that came to my mind was the reluctance of having to make a new Virtual identity for a totally new mobile 3D world. But we might not have to do that seeing as our Second Life identity is pretty much separated from SL main grid now. It could be possible for our SL identities to share Virtual Spaces, and in a way we already do this when we organise to help Linden Lab on the Beta Grid.

Could Slfeed become the SL communication HUB between new virtual spaces?

I must point out at this stage that all that i have written is speculation and thoughts i’ve had. I want just as much as every positive thinking SL user for Second Life and Linden Lab to keep evolving and growing.

7 thoughts on “What would a mobile Second Life be?

  1. How many of the Feed features have you added to the JIRA?
    Post the JIRA ID for those you have added.
    While most can’t vote or watch items, we can all file additional requests and point to the initial JIRA entry.
    There is no longer a community tools user group. Sad. But, we can Tweet Rodvik and start forum threads to get the Lindens an idea of how many want the features.

    • I used to post ideas on the Jira, but once you start to believe such practice to be pointless then you don’t allocate the effort. If you think the ideas are worth trying, then i guess i could start up another Jira. 🙂

    • Actually, looking at the Jira, i don’t think they allow ‘New Feature ideas’ anymore. if they do, it’s not available to me. Anyway, who knows, maybe they do have something planned in near future.

  2. Actually I am convinced that the SL feed has been widely adopted by the SL community. A lot of people around you, Loki, have started it because you promoted it a lot. I have approximately 100 active SL friends of which the wide majority is not from the Escapades community. And not more than 20 of my 100 active friends have used the SL Feed at all. Maybe 10 use is regularly which would be 10% of my contacts. And remember, most of those people use it due to your promotion of the feature. So the general percentage is presumably much lower…

    While I totally love this feature (because I get an idea what my SL friends have been doing while I was offline), I fear that it is unfortunately still a niche product within the SL community. And therefore I don’t see LL pimping it… Despite all the interesting possibilities that you mention.

  3. Sadly, development of MySL (as the feeds are commonly called) has been suspended, or so I was told by The Lab when I earnestly searched for a way to have the contents of my feed automatically added to my third-party blog. Maintenance will be performed as necessary, I was told, but new features will not be added nor will changes be made. Of course, that’s the current plan. I’m sure if The Lab could find a means to make MySL a for-profit feature the policy would change. Or perhaps if more Residents were to use the feeds The Lab might have a change of heart. Honestly, though, I see MySL as a half-hearted effort by The Lab. Many great features have been added to Our World but without commitment and follow-through, most wither on the vine.

    • Well it’s not as if they spend much time telling their users about the new features. This is something that perhaps i should blog about in a new post. We tend to hear about the amazing new feature…. then dont hear about it for ages, then when its finally released there is a small blog post announcing it…. then thats it.

  4. Very interesting ideas Loki.
    It would be wonderful to have an avatar set of web pages incorporating the Feed, our marketplace reviews, our forum posts, Friendships made, group news, Jiras, comments, even our latest marketplace listings
    I can only imagine how hard it would be to port the historical data to a better version of the various databases, but it could be done – being as everything is likely time stamped and related to a single originator name. However, they’ve got/had problems with that aspect already in the Marketplace upgrade.
    If they were successful, you could manipulate and display that data in soo many wonderful ways. It would vastly improve communication across all aspects of SL for all the users.
    Big job tho’. And LL staff seem to be stretched a bit thinner these days :/

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