Rickety Pack TWO – Trees, Grass & Standing Stones

The point of Rickety Packs is to allow users the ability to create mesh environments easy without needing to learn complex 3D modelling programs.

Rickety Pack One collected all the planks walkways, bridges and fencing i used on Escapades.

Rickety Pack Two collects all the trees , bushes, grass and stones i created to replace Sculpty trees and grass on Escapades. My aim was to create low Land Impact trees close to that of Sculpty Trees but with a fraction of the Display Costs. These are to be used for atmosphere and i hope to make bigger more detailed Trees in future.

Using Rickety Pack TWO it is easy to build a woodland environment.


The Pack is available on Marketplace for L$700 and i hope to make a Beach Pack and stone ruins pack in future.

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