Second Life is currently a construction site

I’m behind on my Schedule. My mega list that i created at the start of the year is just over a third crossed off, but in the past few months hardly anything on the list has been completed. Thats not to say i’ve not been doing anything, far from it.

One thing that i keep running into is the future of SL. 10 months ago LL announced Creator Tools, 6 months ago LL announced Pathfinding, 2 months ago LL announced Project Shining. All these things are still future works in progress. I’ve planned stuff to use these features back in January 2012 thinking i’d have a little time to get ready for these things…… well now I’m ready, the tools are not and i’m getting slightly impatient.

This is not really an issue, i’ve got plenty to work on in the mean time, but i can’t help but feel like I’m working in a construction site. New Development viewers are appearing sometimes three times a day, rolling restarts sometimes feel never ending. Pathfinder has been deployed and is being polished, Creator tools is being deployed in dribs and drabs, The shining project is going through the testing stages already. Plus LL are trying to work with TPV’s and accepting open source projects like Specular Maps and the beleaguered Mesh Deformer.

All this activity with a fraction of the team of M Lindens rather pointless reign, so i don’t mind if Rodvik has vanished from view because i can see stuff happening, even if it is taking FOREVER!

With so much being worked on I’m impressed Second Life works as well as it does.

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