The Escapades Beltane Wickerman 2012 #SL

Once again the Goonies & friends gathered on Escapades Island to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of Spring heralding the start of the Summer Months. It’s an odd time of the year and in a way this feels more like a new year than that forced celebration in January. The Beltaine Wickerman is more personal celebration in Second Life and many look forward to it as it symbolises their connection to SL.

photos taken by Yti, Nat &Teddy

The event  calls for reflection of the past year and of looking forward to the future, something that had more relevance this year. Not only has Second Life been through massive changes during the last year but many of my friends including myself lost very important friends and family.

While some fellow SL users have gone off on their own paths, they still took time to come and amongst friends on Escapades Mountain. There where also great new friends who have arrived during the past year and enjoyed the atmosphere of their first ever Beltaine Wickerman.


dance with me, my darling
as the winds of change arrive
and wipes so very clean
the frozen slate of time.

the wind is but the brush
the colors ever-changing.
can’t you hear the rush
of spring flowers blooming?

gone now is the winter chill
representing more than you know.
whatever comes is what will…
say farewell to falling snow!

by ~Audra~


Standing with all the people on the Mountain watching the Wickerman Burn and collapse, it was clear to me SL is far from dead or dying.


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