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I was fed up with not having actual toes, my avatars feet have been for years simple blocks of mesh with a crappy texture of feet… that is until now. The arrival of Mesh has allowed a transplanting technique of sorts. I wanted to create feet using mesh but not replace my entire avatar. I wanted to be able to keep the distinctive face of my avatar. In the end i produced replacement legs that are a replication of my SL avatar legs but with the feet recreated from scratch with more detail. These feet bend at the angle and look natural compared to the old style Sculpty feet.

Skin Tone/ Lengths / Sizes

Skin Tone: There are 7 flesh tonal variations to choose from. Choose the one closets to your current skin for best results. The Legs are ‘Modify’ so if you wish you can adjust the ‘tint’ of the object to be even closer to your skins colour.

Skin Tones to choose from



Lengths: Each pack has 4  lengths Full, Shortshorts, Longshorts, Longpants – allowing more variation in clothing outfits. Loki Mesh Legs were designed to be compatible with Loki mesh Clothing range but you may find them compatible with non Loki Mesh Clothing. Not sure about the compatibility? get hold of the FREE Demo Pack.

Sizes: Depending on your avatar size, there are 3 sizes to choose from. Little Kid avatars will look best in SMALL size, Tween/Teen avatars best in MEDIUM while Adult Avatars would look best with LARGE. If you are not sure on what size, get hold of the FREE Demo pack.

Alpha Layer Clothing.

I have tried to bring as much compatibility as possible with the Legs & Feet. Included in each pack are two Alpha Layers to hide your underlaying avatar shape. For those who want to try out other

possibilities i have created a new Alpha Layers Catalogue Pack. With over 80 different variations of Alpha Layers for Upper body, Lower Body and for Phoenix Users Full Body Alpha layers. All Catalogued and numbered for easy reference.


Alpha Pack available on Market place

And here you can find Phoenix Viewer Alpha Layers specifically created for Loki Mesh Clothes


I hope you will enjoy your new toes…


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