Well before i mention the Iceburg, i better mention the fact i have rented the island across from nemo beach. The Knew cove called “Little Hawkins Bay” is kinda an old Volcano crator with a ridge around it and a big expanse of water in it. Hopefully starting in the new year there will be a small Cabin village on a beach at the base of a hill with a pirate fort on top the hill. Across the expanse will be the new Steam hill where i shall be moving the Old Mine house and Mill. I also have plans on making a small gypsey area with caravans and mushrooms……

AT THE MOMENT the plans have been put on hold after an Iceburg floated in off sim and got stranded at Hawkins bay. The surrounding water has frozen making an interesting place to iceskate. There is also a walk way up the iceburg and hidden extras! How long it will take for the iceburg to melt i do not know 🙂 🙂 so enjoy it while it lasts!

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