Copybot Tuesday

Oh my lord wot a week…..
Ive been trying to get my new range ready for release end of week but all of a sudden Secondlife has its own 9/11 in the form of COPYBOT!!!!!!!

This Bot copys anything attached to a person, the entire thing, clothes attachments boy and skin…. This freaked everyone out and shops closed all over SL. The linden doller incresed from 274 to 281 per doller overnight. A Security bot was quickly distrributed to prevent copying of store items but everywhere grinded to a hult becos the security bot had a badly written script that caused massive lag.

most of the shops have opened now including mine, becos the reality has dawned. I cant stop the bot, but i can sure make it harder to copy my gear. Im lucky because i have a well know brand and a loyal community who i trust.

Tonight i DJ at the Vortex with a bond theme, then later i hope to go along to the Phillip Linden Keynote speach after, and see how many protesters turn up. There are alot of rumours and conspiricies floating around, one that i know of is that LibSL who created the bot were told by Linden to go ahead and create the code…. Not only that, but a member of LibSL (or associate of) called Baba was caught saying “the creation and deployment of CopyBot was deliberate, planned and malicious.”

Secondlife truely is the best game ive ever played, yu dont get this much drama and conspiricy in other games!!!!! – ))

Thought the game all changes here, and its more important than ever to have a succesful brand in SL.

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  1. Just to let ya know, CopyBot only copies any prim attachments you are wearing, no scripts, no contents, no shape, and only temporarily skins and clothes (it only renders the “baked” final layer on the bot). Otherwise, glad to see you back!

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