VR could go mainstream in 2020 but at what cost?

There is slight excitement over the holidays as Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and The Valve Index all sell out like Buzzlightyear (no ones talking about the Vive Cosmos). 

During 2019 VR had it’s first major hardware switch over, and it was interesting seeing what the big VR players decided to do. Facebook decided to forgo fidelity advances for more ease of use by making the Oculus Quest a stand alone device that didn’t require a £1k PC. They later released a LINK cable allowing users to play PC games on the Quest further enticing potential VR users to their platform. Meanwhile Valve broke away from Vive to create the Valve Index, which many ways is a successor to the HTC Vive line. Somewhere in the middle of this Vive brought out the Cosmos. 

The Oculus Quest is relatively cheap considering you don’t need a PC to run it, compare that to the Valve Index which is NOT cheap and also needs a PC to run it. VR Enthusiasts will understand that what you get with the Valve system is far superior in fidelity, control and tracking, but for something to become mainstream you don’t need to be a car mechanic to own a car and pollute the planet. 

Seeing Facebook manoeuvre itself to take the lions share of the VR market while integrating its data harvesting mechanisms is of course very concerning. My prediction is that VR might go mainstream in 2020, but it’ll be Facebooks Oculus Quest Platform that will come out on top commanding the direction it goes by making VR synonymous with Facebook. The remaining niche of Vive and Valve will have developers struggling and fighting for hardcore VR Enthusiasts. Then the following year along comes Apple.

5 thoughts on “VR could go mainstream in 2020 but at what cost?

    • That was what Tim Cook was stated as saying a few years ago, but there is evidence that Apple are still fully committed to R&D in the area of VR as they keep buying up VR related startups.

  1. I can tolerate the direction this is going so long as I can continue to get interesting games/experiences which do not require any interaction with Facebook.

    Every Facebook FQDN that they try to pop up in my browser, I just add to my hosts file pointing it to, but I should also analyze what non-browser behind-the-scenes traffic I might also want to block.

    • Its not easy to answer without some bias from me.

      First of all you need to understand that Trackers for good full body are separate from the Headset. So far there is only VIVE branded trackers available and each tracker costs £100, so thats £300 just for the full body tracking.

      There is a solution for Kinect V2 camera tracking that i have not personally used, but my friend Burstup has https://twitter.com/burstup/status/1270047000147496961?s=21

      For headsets i started with he HTC VIVE which uses the Base station tracking system (two boxes in the corner of your rooms) I then upgraded over the year to Valve Index and Valve Controllers, as it uses the same base station system, upgrading can be modular bit by bit rather than having to buy a whole new kit all at once.

      Valve index is the one i currently use, its the best ive used, brilliant sound, the built in mic rivals pro microphones. you also get Half Life Alyx free with it. But of course its super expensive. Its modular too so in future you can upgrade bit by bit.

      I cant speak about Facebooks Oculus headsets as i never used them and dispose the company. 😛

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