The 14th Burning of the Wickerman

The Wickerman on Escapades Island this year was significant not just because it was our 14th year doing the digital pagan ritual, but also because it was the first time performed on the new mountain top.

The festive experience brings many of my friends together in warmth as we watch the Wickerman slowly burn and fall apart. New friends who have never witnessed it before get enveloped in the music and atmosphere as we parade up the winding mountain path, the stark shape of the wicker man getting bigger and bigger the closer they get to it.

Technically this event is real basic, but as i’ve recently discovered, Second Life after all these years makes it seem easy to edit, manipulate and script in real time while quickly sharing a mask or torch. These new platforms such as VRchat and Sansar quickly seem less advanced than old Second Life when you find you can’t share or edit an experience on the fly. 

During Fantasy Faire i was rezzing, editing and scripting props half an hour into one of the big events i was helping run due to running out of time. We SL users take such abilities for granted sometimes. Sharing and real time editing is a foundation of SL that still isn’t matched yet.

Speaking of Fantasy Faire, The Wickerman marks the end of this highly immersive fantasy period of the year for me. I had a great time helping with the roleplaying and hope everyone who joined the Bubo Owls adventures came away with great memories. The organisers may create the fairylands, write the story,  create the costumes and props, but it only comes ‘alive’ when people jump into characters and live the experience. You guys make it all so worth it 🙂

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