My Hopes for Second Life & other things in 2019

2018 was a tough year, it seemed to relentlessly run it’s course so rapidly that i didn’t feel as if i had time to relax into anything at all. Just kept moving from one thing to another. 

I think i achieved a lot of what i planned to do this year, but am leaving 2018 kinda wishing there was 456 days to a year rather than 356 just so i could fit a little bit more in. 2017 was a rather static year of delays, while 2018 managed to finally get things out of the sticky mud. The hope is in 2019 things will really start rolling again.

So here is my list of things i hope to achieve in 2019.

1. Expand my VR explorations.

At the start of 2018 i had written off Sansar as a waste of my time and had planned to do more VR exploring with Unity, but the opposite happened. Unity updated, SteamVR updated and all my templates broke, and i had forgotten how to set it up again while also finding no spare time to re-learn it. 

On the flip-side Sansar added ‘custom avatar creation’ and i quickly found myself building a robot that my Second Life Kid Avatar could sit on (working around Sansar’s custom hight limitations). With an avatar i was more comfortable with being, i’ve ended up hanging out in Sansar every Saturday exploring Virtual Reality Experiences. 

In 2019 i hope to expand to exploring VRchat and High Fidelity which allow me to get off the robot, and also at some point i’d like to build my own hideout in Sansar. I’d like to create something like a treehouse filled with nostalgia and invite my friends to come hang out and chat. My view is that VR headset experiences are completely different to desktop experiences like Second Life. To build something in Second Life requires i different approach than in Sansar.

2. Build on Animesh

It took over a year to arrive, which is pretty quick in Linden time, But animesh is finally on the grid. The Firestorm team managed to kick out an Animesh enabled Beta Viewer just before christmas allowing me to finally update Egnog from a static model to a fully animated character. 

Animesh will make a huge difference to the grid allowing me to create living characters to find on Escapades Island. King Goblin, the cheese fairy, Golems and many other things will be able to wave at you and react to you. Combined with Experience tools, it’s possible to have characters interact with you like for example picking you up and eating you. A whole new door of visually stunning experience has been open this year and I’m looking forward to exploring it through 2019.

3. Finish rebuilding Escapades island.

One of the plans for 2018 was to rebuild Escapades Island with all that i had learned in the past few years. While later than i expected i finally started the rebuild and was a little worried wether it would work out since i decided to replace almost ALL the linden terrain with Mesh. The Mountain, the forrest ground, the tropical bay, the cliffs, it all became mesh. The only parts that are still Linden Terrain are the beaches. But it seems to have worked, and many have commented on how it all fits together with walk ways and pathways, improved vegetation and rocky cliffs. 

I changed huge parts of the island. The goblin village is gone, Cutterstone gorge is much bigger and secret underground tunnels are gone. It feels more fresh and updated and once again fun to explore while still feeling like the same island. 

But there is still a lot to do. I need to finish building the new Research centre, ad some more buildings to explore, add Animesh characters and finish the new Bashable game system. By the middle of 2019 i hope Escapades will finally be complete and become a popular place to hang out and explore. Then maybe i’ll let Drax do a video about me 😛

4. My Clothing sales are dead but will continue supporting my Bento Avatar.

I released my Bento Avatars in March of 2018 and a few have invested in it and made them their own. Through out 2018 i created clothing mostly for myself and my bento avatar while also making separate clothing for SMB/Classic kid avatars. Im pretty much ready to throw in the towel with regards to making clothes for SMB/classic avatars as it’s to much effort for so little back and making clothes just isn’t fun for me anymore. 

I struggled with Marketplace this year. I have this whole issue with listing clothes made for my own custom mesh avatars, and those made for SMB/classic. Marketplace is just not flexible enough to ‘market’ my stuff in the way i wish i could. I have hard enough time marketing my stuff inWorld with Loki avatars down one end of the store in yellow, and SMB/Classic down the other end of the store in blue. 

So in 2019 i may move away from making clothes for SMB/classic Completely. The only clothes i’ll make is stuff for myself which i’ll make available to all those who got my Loki Avatars. I will be creating Loki Avatars wave 2 characters in 2019 and I may look more into building games and animated creatures, they could be easier to market.

5. Tell more tales, Organise more Roleplays.

Yup it’s on the list again. Maybe this will be the year i finally do this (yeh Right). I hardly visited New Babbage this year, and only really showed up to organise the Burning Barrel race. I deleted the over complicated New Babbage Chronicles system that wasn’t really being used for anything and all evidence of the Giant Worm story that was never resolved from 2017. I’m still managing to pay the rent for the plots i have there so there is still a chance i may return but i’m so out of the picture i doubt anyone remembers me there. 

I did however role-play at Fantasy Faire after building the big Underground Bizaar Dungeon. The whole event was a highlight of 2018 and it was fun seeing people using the place to role-play. I will not be building a Fairerealm this year as i take a break, but would love to do it again in 2020. 

Highlights Of FantasyFaire 2018

With regards to Escapades island i think i and the other long time residents of the island will be sitting down at the start of the year and inventing some holidays to celebrate through out the year in an attempt to give the island things to gather for. The anniversary weekend, The Beltaine Wickerman and Egnog are always popular and i wish i could organise events like that ever weekend.

6. Help Gemini build a new Vortex Club.

If Gemini had his way he’d have replaced the Vortex with a new one two years ago :-p The Current Vortex Music club in Second Life is version 5 (V5) and has an elaborate Blade Runner Cyberpunk extension. It’s full of Blade Runner and Ready Player One easter eggs in the run up to the coming and going of film adaptions and sequels.

Now we live in a post VR hyper cycle, Post Peak Nostalgia as the civilisations start to implode from the weight of the Trumpy Brexit.  So what should the next iteration of the long running Vortex Music Club look like? i’ll be sitting my brother down for a long chat at some point in 2019.

Things i didn’t accomplish in 2018

I didn’t become the 3D Printer Nerd. One of the things i struggled with in 2018 was finding Spare time for hobbies. I tried occasionally to 3D Print action figures mostly when my nephew visited but i’ve not done hardly anything useful with my 3D Printer yet.

Have a Great New Year!

2019 seems set to be 2018 part 2 in which i complete things i started in 2018. A lot of things are uncertain, my life could change in March depending on how things go with Britain trying to destroy itself. But i have a list of goals that i hope will keep me feeling optimistic and positive through this year.  To everyone who bothers to read this, have a happy new year!

4 thoughts on “My Hopes for Second Life & other things in 2019

  1. I’m glad to hear you are going to continue hanging around SL and haven’t abandoned it for Sansar. I’ve been trying to spend more time in Sansar but except for a few very well done builds (one that sticks out was an interactive orphanage that was seriously scary) most of what I see there isn’t all that interesting, to be blunt. Granted, large parts of SL are pretty bloody dull too, but I find it easier to become engaged in SL than in Sansar.

    I hope the RP works out well for you. My efforts in RP have been less than fruitful. The one group I was with that looked promising seems to have faded away. But that probably is not a bad thing because my real life schedule is so awkward at the moment that I find it impossible to be on line at specific times to join in with something like that anyway.

    Good luck in 2019 🙂

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