My Virtual World avatar is now A TEENAGER!

On Sunday my Virtual world persona reached the scary age of thirteen, and so came an onslaught of well intended friendly advise about puberty… all over again .

It’s now been one year since i made the switch to an all mesh Bento avatar in Second Life and during that year i have steadily made new outfits and accessories for it.

This time last year i was excited about Animesh and it’s still not released. Linden lab were always sloooowwww, but not in Sansar it would appear.

During the year i managed to port my Loki Mesh avatar to Sansar, all be it, on the back of a robot. I got a few cheers for that fact i look exactly like i do in Second Life, but then that was one of the aims when spending 2017 creating the Mesh Loki, the ability to platform hop.

Things are not feeling great in Second Life at the moment. My optimism is working hard to outweigh my lack of confidence. I finally started the much needed rebuild of Escapades Island drawing from the past few years experiences building at Fantasy Faire and all i’ve learnt about Experience Keys. But in the end Escapades Island will only survive if others deem it worth calling home and handing over cash to pay the tier.

My work in creating avatars and accessories hasn’t been as successful as i’d liked. My biggest issue has been a reluctance to list things on marketplace. I keep finding excuses to delay having to type out all that crap.

So my fourteenth year could be the make of break year for me. I don’t know if Escapades will survive and i don’t know if i can sustain anything anymore.

But then i am thirteen now, perhaps i am just suffering teen angst.

6 thoughts on “My Virtual World avatar is now A TEENAGER!

  1. I’m still unimpressed with Sansar. I find the place cold, simplistic, and lacking the social interaction I find in SL. Nor am I impressed by the platform itself. Even with the latest update it takes 2-4 minutes for a new environment to load, and when it finally does, well, it generally wasn’t worth the weight. Some of the newer regions I’ve seen in SL rival just about anything I’ve seen in Sansar as far as creativity and execution are concerned. And as for the VR aspects of it, those are lost on me because literally within minutes of putting on a VR headset I become violently ill.

  2. The VR aspect is what pulls me to it every weekend for Atlas Hopping, and i’ve expressed my concern about load times. Think it’s bad waiting for a loading bar? imagine sitting watching a loading bar IN VR, i usually fall asleep and wake up to find all my friends have already moved on to somewhere else. I dont use Sansar in desktop mode i always use VR mode, as i spent a lot of money on the headset so I’m dam well gonna use it! :-p I guess im lucky because i don’t get VR sickness. I used to back during the Oculus DK days but i think my brain has adjusted to expect certain things like occasional frame drops.

    I can complain all i want about Sansar, but there are moments where i utterly love it, and it’s all related to VR mode. There are things in VR mode that just can’t be done with Desktop mode, moments of scale, moments of gesturing, of interaction, so there maybe a lot of great things in Sansar that Desktop users just dont get to see.

    Some of the best experiences in Sansar are not the ones that ‘look pretty’ but rather allow simple interaction with objects and other users.

    • I am fascinated with VR technology, and extremely frustrated that I can’t use it. I’ve tried the latest generation of VR tech, dramamine, various other motion sickness remedies and nothing seems to work. I’m sure Sansar is far more impressive and interesting with VR but until they come out with something that doesn’t cause the problem, I’m stuck with the desktop.

      • It’s easy to forget that for every VR user there is someone who cant use it because of motion sickness. I’ve even noticed Draxtor saying he has to take off his headset because he feels sick on occasion. When i started using the PSVR headset i found i got sick more if i sat down than when i was standing up, So in Sansar i’m always standing while using it. Perhaps my brain is more open to random frame drops while standing because it’s expecting me to move about rather than siting still. It leads to another issue i get which is aching legs from standing in the same spot for 2 hours lol.

  3. The brain is a strange thing sometimes. One of my kids asked once why I don’t fly, and the answer is simple. I *can’t* fly. The only way I could survive a plain trip would be if they drugged me up so thoroughly I didn’t know what was going on. Oh, well. Maybe someday they’ll get it figured out and come out with a VR system that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going through the world’s worst hangover. I can’t even use “mouse look” in SL for more than a few minutes at a time. Oh, well.

    Right now I’ve gotten more heavily involved in SL again. Went and bought my own region or sim or island or whatever you want to call it and now I have 30,000 prims (or is it LI?) to play with and I’m as happy as a 10 yr old with a new set of Legos. Been playing with lighting effects, textures, even the SL railroad system. I also do 3D modeling for my 3D printer and I’m trying to adapt some of those models to port over into SL but am having trouble keeping the LI down without the object’s detail degrading. So most of the construction is off-the-shelf prefab stuff, or old fashioned prim construction if I make it myself. Hopefully this winter I’ll have the time to learn more about the whole system so I can bring my 3D printer models over into SL.

  4. I like to use VR, but not to much. there different problems for that.
    Am not so sensitive for VR sickness as long the framerate is good. Problem in every Virtual world, desktop or VR. Yes i need a new graphics card.

    Loading screens are bad. New platforms put them in. but compared to sansar in high fidelity you can turn it off. And it get some adjustments in hify.

    At this point i can only say ‘I do not get sansar’. The do everything just in wrong way. Call it 180 degree reversed of what it need to be. Now people figured out sansar wasted lot’s of resources on steam implementation the could use instead to fix avatar, finish build tool, add preference.

    I step more back from sansar. Options, do something with high fidelity or look at unity to create some multi user experience.

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