Display Cost of a Prim #SL

While working on my mesh cabin and rats i was wondering about ‘Display Cost’ . Display cost is the number calculated by the viewer to represent how much computing power is needed to view an object, The lower the number the more efficient your object is to be displayed.

I did a test on a normal default plywood Prim cube. I originally entertained the idea that by setting the sides to invisible, perhaps the display cost of the prim would shrink. Actually i found the opposite.

Default Prim has a display cost of 389

Setting the faces transparency to 100 added 15 making display cost 404

making just one face 100 transparency ads the same amount of cost

removing the textures deducted 120 from the display cost showing how much a texture can change the cost your object has.

Changing the size of a prim seems not to change the display cost unlike a mesh object.

Not sure what significance this is or wether it helps anyone, but i found it interesting none the less :-p

2 thoughts on “Display Cost of a Prim #SL

    • In the Edit window under where it says how much Land Impact the object takes up, there should be ‘MORE INFO’ which you can click and up pops the extra window 🙂

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