Where it all began #SL #slkids

There are not many places in SL that i can be associated with ‘the beginning’.

I know some associate their beginnings with Nemo Beach, the Vortex, or SLC centre. But one place many will remember even if they did not realise it still existed is ‘Inner Child Depot’. 
Created by Fawn Haley and Apple Pinkney back before 2006, it is in many eyes the first place devoted to the inner child and birthplace of the Child Avatar craze. But sadly all things come to an end and the drop in inworld browsing commonly associated with the steady popularity of SLmarketplace has left Inner Child Depot a husk of it’s former glory. As a result Apple Pinkney has no choice but to close the mall and sell off the mainland sim.
Where by the inner adventure and gathering of Child Avatars started at devoted clubs, adventure islands and scout  camps, It was the Inner Child Depot that most visited first to build their inner child inventory. From complete avatar designs, to bed room furniture, tree houses, pogo sticks and games, it was the place to go for all things child avatar.
I myself have had a small store there since the start of my clothing and avatar designs which helped me to afford my first plot which would eventually become Nemo Beach. Back then you could not sell anything unless you had a spot in a mall.
2008 – 2009
Inner Child Depot helped kick off many content creators virtual brands to which we owe it to ourselves to  recognise the wonderful work Apple and Fawn put into organising and supporting our fledgling community.
I want to personally thank Apple Pinkney for giving us Inner Child Depot without which a lot of us would not have seen the success we did. I hope she finds fresh new areas to explore and is proud of what she has achieved. 


I’d like to thank also Fawn Haley, where ever she may be now after disappearing from SL to care for her real world husband. She was always a inspirational young soul and i really hope she knows how important she has been to the Child Avatar community in SL.

The loss of Inner Child Depot is a clear sign to those of us who have been here a while of the changing times, but we’ll never forget how important it was.

Apple Pinkney is currently looking to sell her mainland plot and hopefully before the 14th of November.

It is a 63312sq plot on moderate rated mainland called ‘Fletcher‘.

If you are interested in purchasing this plot please contact ‘Apple Pinkney‘ in world.

Like wise if you have any advice or guidance in selling her land, please give her a friendly IM.

The Fletcher Mainland Sim

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