The 11th Beltaine Wickerman on Escapades Island

Fantasy Faire has a habit of being on during the first of May, which ends up pushing the Escapades Island traditional Wickerman Experience back a week.

So it was that the 11th Beltaine Wickerman festival kicked off last saturday. I’m still surprised how many come to this simple 2 hours experience of holding a torch and walking up a virtual hill to watch a virtual wickerman burn and fall apart.

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There was nothing new about it, nothing different, but then i guess thats the lasting appeal. It’s always the same, it feels like tradition for as much as a tradition in a virtual world can be.

This year for the first time the event was filmed. I don’t know if this will cause the year to be cursed but if you would like to watch what a Virtual World tradition looks like, check out Richardus Haymakers awesome video of this years Beltaine Wickerman.

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