Could Mesh bring an end to #SL’s exclusive hold on you and your avatar?

People have asked me why i haven’t tried other grids yet and the answer has simply been because ‘Loki’  and his appearance is locked into the #SL data base.
It used to also be because all my friends are only in SL, and that all my objects are in SL…. but thats changing wether LL know it or not, Mesh could possibly free us all!
Below are my arguments for staying in Second Life and whats changed to make them no longer valid.
1). All my friends are in SL who i chat with.
The majority of my friends communicate with each other out side SL now via twitter, Plurk and  other more advanced social means. This is already detached from SL.
2). My account is important and i don’t want to have to keep signing up to new services each time i enter a new grid.
Thats soon to change. While reading the buzz surrounding Kitely i saw that it allows you to set up using your Facebook account. I can see me in future using my Twitter account rather than Facebook to login to grids. And since im using twitter to communicate to all my SL friends it’s not that big a step.
3). All my content i built is stored on SL server, i cant be bothered to rebuild it all on another grid.
Sculpties gave a clue about where this was heading. All my sculpty builds are stored and can be replicated on another grid. Now here comes Mesh, completely off grid creations that in future you will be able to upload to what ever grid or marketplace available. Is it then a stretch to think it may even become possible to store mesh objects in a cloud storage thats accessible via the viewer as you loginto opens grids?
4). My avatar appearance is tied to the SL grid.
Again Mesh is coming to the rescue. For starters the SL basic avatar mesh is out of date, old and clumsy. Here is a vid of someones practice with making Mesh avatar. Mesh could pave the way for ultra detailed Avatar meshes and once you have a mesh that encapsulates everything you wish for your avatar, it’s yours and you can store it on your computer. You will be able to upload it to which ever grid you decide to venture too. It might even end up stored locally within your viewer to be automatically uploaded on login to a grid.
What is interesting is that this pathway is based on what LL are currently doing or done. Makes me wonder if Linden labs plans are enough to stay strong once we’ve finally gained our Avatars freedom to choose where to go.
But to be fair this is all probably 2 years down the line, who knows whats going to have changed in the Lab by then. Maybe tier cost will have been reduced by then!?? 😛

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