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It’s easy to get excited about Collada Mesh support.

3D wether it be for Second Life & other virtual realms, Apples next gen OSX operating system that will include 3D api’s for 3rd party applications, or the birth of social 3D product design, 3D modelling is becoming more casual.

Over the last couple of years ive become more involved with 3D modelling, all because of my Second Life. SL’s simple building rules is visually easy to get into and learn compared to other ‘Pro’ 3D building applications. So why has there not been a standalone 3D application that combines SL’s prim based building skills to create proper 3D models? All these extremely skilled builders in SL and there is nothing to apply those skills outside of the platform!
Even I still struggle to make sculpty prims in blender. I would love for a 3D modelling app that would use SL’s basic building system and perhaps build upon that system to create good Collada Mesh objects.
Maybe Linden Lab could build this app themselves and sell it. Not only would it harness the ‘Arts & Craft’ creative power of the SL residents, but it would allow them to expand out beyond of SL. Second Life then becomes the playground for Social 3D modelling which it should already be.
Mesh is still a mess
Every time i look at mesh i think WOW look what people are doing! I admit i tried to make mesh and it did not like me, i dont know wether it was because:
a) i used wrong modelling program,
b) i was crap at modelling
c) the viewer did not work cos its beta
d) i have a mac
e) i did not follow correctly the long list of rules needed to make a mesh object.
I will continue to dabble with Mesh support, dont get me wrong the potential to have animated Ai sprites that move and bounce about is giggidy! But so far the way mesh is implemented seems a mess that is MUCH harder than rezzing and linking prims to instantly create.
here are some examples of mesh i like so far… I like how they ad things we’ve so far not had in SL.
The Flapping Bird. I dont yet know how its possible to animate a mesh object but would come in handy for Ai monsters.
Not only is this jeep highly detailed but it also appears to move and bounce realistically. I dunno if thats because its mesh or just great script programming.
This just shows that your avatar is no longer confined to the underlaying basic body mesh

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