Waking from the Sansar Dream

Wondered how i would start this blog post. ‘Screw Project Sansar’ was one idea, ‘To hell with VR’ was another. Instead i’ve decided to just scribble down what comes into my head.

Learning that Linden Lab had no current plans to support the Mac platform with Project Sansar until they ‘figure out how to deliver for Mac, for Mac OS’ flicked a switch in my head, the same switch that that was flicked when Oculus dropped support for the mac platform. Its the switch that tries to prevent me from waisting any more time on something i’m never going to use.

I’ve been playing Star Wars Battlefront a lot since i got the game for PS4 last christmas. Im almost at level 50 which means ill have access to every upgrade there is in the game. In a way thats how it feels to be a content creator in Second Life, i’ve reached the highest level of whats possible in Second Life and am struggling to get any more out of it. Project Sansar was in a way a level up extension allowing SL creators use of modern creation techniques that simply can’t be achieved on SL’s dated code.

Left: PBR Substance Painter – Right: Secondlife

So what, I’m sure us creators who have been using the mac platform since before Steve Jobs returned will just move on to paying for windows right? or as one Project Sansar dev said ‘Bootcamp?’ … or we could just not bother with Sansar and stick with what we know, after all, a lot of the creative industry is mac based, someones bound to come along eventually and make a smart choice?

As i awake from the daydream of VR i remember how i once browsed the apple website and accidentally stumbled across a promotion for a creative 3d world called Second Life. Ten years later and I’m still using the same virtual world and as Linden Lab implement all the wizardry for levelling up to Windows Project Sansar, Second Life is starting to feel like a retirement home where a dedicated few Lindens are working hard to make users feel comfortable for the stagnant next few years until death.

Actually, the dedicated few Lindens are working very hard to gaffa-tape features into SL that should have been there years ago. So now that I’m not blinded by the new shiny Sansar and VR i can see that i actually still have some levels to gain in Second Life.

Content: While we can’t create anything that looks as awesome as newer platforms due to rendering engines, creators are still able to knock out some great looking stuff.

Games & Experiences: Linden Lab released XP tools last year (or did they?), ok so many don’t know about it and many don’t know how to get XP keys but they are going to slowly become more and more important in SL over the next year.

Bento: That new billion boned avatar skeleton they’ve introduced to SL. I guess now ill have plenty of time to try and work out how to rig and what ever hands, facial expressions tails and other wriggly bits. I did work on an avatar for High Fidelity that used Shape Keys for expressions a method that was added to Sketchfab but ultimately not used for Second Life of course.

Events: Fantasy Faire is just around the corner and its going to be Epic. I should be very grateful that I’m given the chance to build a whole region, not only do i get to indulge my creative energies, but it’ll help towards raising funds for Cancer Research.

I can start lobbying again for those things i wish linden lab would upgrade or add to SL…

• The action key thats stuck in the crappy Oculus viewer: really could do with this for my bashing game.

• Overhaul of the SL groups: probably impossible as this is one of the oldest things in SL thats buried under everything.

• The ability to resize ALL the ui windows.

• Better Marketplace Shop fronts with categories and featured items: If the marketplace is so important to SL, why does it still look like it was designed in 2007?

• Dark Theme for SL Webpages: Yes i know I’m the only one who uses SL feed which is still listed as a new feature by the Lab.

It feels good to be focused on SL again, but i can’t shake that sinking feeling.

5 thoughts on “Waking from the Sansar Dream

  1. re. wish list: the ability to move those UI windows off the screen. I would rather waste my money on a bigger monitor than some headset of limited utility.
    OH, and dare I suggest last names? 🙂

    • Yes moving the big chui window out of the viewer screen would be a good thing.
      But loki ignores still the biggest thing on the wish list, the price.

      People not use the XP keys for two reasons, you need to be premium and sofar i know you need to have a sim to make full use of it. no comments needed at the sim part.

      Anyway it toggled a switch here, it made clear that secondlife or better all Linden products are something to not waste to much time on. Unless help is needed. you can see Secondlife this days best as event area where people meet, most other things are limited.

      Anyway now the switch is toggled. Best to use opensim and high fidelity. Enough land, cheap, not under control of usa or linden lab ! forget sansar and well secondlife a little bit. secondlife is only useable for a small group os users, especially the not creative ones.

      Calling secondlife retirement home is not so bad one.

  2. As a Linux user, I won’t be able to use Sansar as well. No way, I would ever switch to Windows. Unfortunately LL kicked us half out SL too. Only thx to 3rd party developers we can still enjoy our second lifes.

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