Bento, Babbage Chronicles & Loki Clothing

This year has not started off as well as i had hoped. I managed to get through the holidays without catching any type of sickness then just as i settle down to start projects i develop a cold that takes me out for a whole week. I need my head to be clear and focussed otherwise i start wanting to play star wars battlefront. Thankfully I’m hoping this week will be the moment i really get stuck back into things.


Project Bento.

bentoI did manage to do a quick test of applying the Project Bento Skeleton to my mesh avatar. Seeing my avatars hand open and close into a fist was exciting for a moment until you realise SL default avatars have done that from the start 12 years ago. I get that sinking feeling of ‘why has it taken LL this long’. The test wasn’t worthy of showing on Drax’s video and i will probably do some more experimenting every now and then, but currently my focus is on on other projects. One interesting thing about the Project Bento Project is the rather random ’joint rig stretchy bug’ is getting more interest, a bug that will need to be fixed if Bento is to be taken as a serious new feature.

Project Bento is not just about rigging cool mesh avatars, there is also going to be needed a lot of animations. If someone made a library of hand & facial expression animations that everyone could use, that would be awesome. Its a shame we can’t script animation UUIDs.

Im not yet totally clear on how i might use Bento. For things like my NPC characters, Briknal, Goblin king and the grand master, i don’t really see the need to go back and re-rig them. Currently the thought of rigging faces for all the bento bones makes me dizzy so i am reluctant to even try. I do however see a very definite need to rig my mesh avatars hands. I could script the Loki Avatars to have more than two hand pose options. There is also the possibility that i could place hand animations into objects that when held by a bento avatar animate the hand to grip more accurately the shape of the object.

For such an update to the Loki Mesh avatar i might as well look into the other issue many have with my mesh avatar, and thats Skin customisation. Currently you can’t create your own skin for my mesh avatar due to the solution i used in masking the body under clothes. I have come up with another possible solution though and hope to test that out later this year.


Babbage Chronicles.

It’s been far to long since i did a proper story in New Babbage. In a way learning all this technical stuff about building hud and using XPtools has dragged me away from simpler immersive roleplaying. I am determined now to get back into New Babbage and deploy a remix of the old stories. Using what i’ve learnt the past three years i plan to retell four steampunk stories that have actual history in the virtual steampunk city of new babbage. It will be my biggest project yet.the_lab1In the New Babbage Chronicles you play the part of an Investigative Journalist who’s just been hired at the Babbage Chronicler. You are given a new type of invention that can extract memories from locations. Armed with this device you are given the choice of four mystery stories to uncover. Clues will lead you through the soot filled city uncovering parts of the story and clues to other locations. Hopefully it will be simple and fun for new users as well as those who took part in the adventures all those years ago.

How long this will take i am not yet sure. I have to rerecord a lot of voice acting and plan out what order people uncover the plot, but in theory it should not be to much work. After all the aim with my XPtool HUD system was to make it easier to deploy adventures in SL. New Babbage Chronicles will be the first test of wether it works :-p.


My Clothing Business.

I make most of my income from selling clothes in SL, and the market in my particular sub community definitely went through changes in the past few years. After doing a survey i realised i needed to support established mesh bodies more than classic default SL avatars. Gone are the clothing sizes i did for Adult Men and Women as no one used them. Now I’m working on making sizes for Super Mesh Bros (SMB) and Todleedoo mesh avatars.


The hope is those who hate my clothes because they don’t fit their mesh avatars will find they fit better and stop sending me hate messages. The recent parka coats were well received and gave me confidence i was getting back on track.

Im also preparing a new main store thats more simple to navigate and less land impact.

So thats what I’m currently trying to get started on.

I hope to get all this done before Fantasy Faire comes around. ppfttt. right lol.

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