Waiting for my #VR upgrade

Looking forward to the impending explosion of immersive VR i feel a little bit like an eccentric old timer with a condescending knowing smile. I’ve been using virtual Reality for ten years, i look down at all these upstart VR newbs as they delight in sharing a space with another person as if its the first time thats ever happened ever. 

Truth is I’m jealous. I want in on the new stuff. I want to be able to waltz into AltSpace like some VR veteran and sit around a campfire telling stories to the youngsters of how it was all different in my day. “We had to use ‘ALT’ + Left mouse click to look around”.

Of course every article i read that mentions Ebbe Altberg and Project Sansar gets me more excited about this future of virtual reality and creativity. But the rampant speculation from all the Second Life Bloggers (myself included) just makes me want to forget about Sansar and continue throwing parties at the Virtual music venue Vortex.

During the past decade i’ve got a lot out of my virtual world on a flat 2D screen. I know what Immersive VR could do if they combined Virtual Worlds with Immersive presence and from what i’ve read it’s what everyone wants, not just the Second Life crowd. We all want the Matrix/ Oasis/ Metaverse.

Project Sansar might be the next step towards that, or at least we stuck in Second Life hope so. I’m a casual gamer and i appreciate how awesome some games are with HMDs. My experience of HalfLife2 was geektastic. But i’m itching to use immersive VR in my own virtual space with my friends in Virtual Reality. I don’t wanna play games, i want to get on with expanding that ‘one to one’ interaction across the globe in an awesome shared environment! DAMMIT! Will Sansar allow this? maybe, but even if it does, will anyone be able to afford to use it? (yes I’m going to moan about the price now).


The oculus is around $600, more if like me need to change hardware, OS and get controllers. It’s not looking like HTC Vive or even PSVR will be cheaper. It’s disappointing. I’m left wondering if many developers who are not making ‘AAA games’ will find an audience for their work in the hardcore gamers that fork out for these expensive peripherals.

I’m grumpy because i wanted this tech to be more accessible and it currently isn’t looking that way.  It seems like that for a lot of stuff these days. Gone are the moments where tech appeared and was  instantly WOO YEH CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!. Now it’s always, “nice i can see the potential of where this potato will lead us”.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for my #VR upgrade

  1. Let’s say, if it where $350or less, and available in local store. prefferable with a working demo setup so i can see and test it first. I possible would get one. Something expensive like that you not want to order in other country because the bad warranty.

    note that you need a windows pc. linux can work too i think. apple support is suspended.

    Still the htc vive with the controllers make more sense then oculus rift with silly xbox controller. but the htc vive still in development and will be in the same or higher price range.

    The new tech is mabey wow nice and at the end intressting. But everything still need a good virtual world that is made for it. but at he same time the world need to support correctly the old technology like mouse and keyboard, It’s going to take years before hmd would replace a keyboard and mouse.

    and, it the virtual world need to be in budget range for much bigger crowd. so secondlife is not the right world, it’s expensive and really not optimized for hmd use because the low framerate.

    There is one other big problem with hmd, you cannot use a keyboard with it, until someone find a good way. so the expect you go use voice. And voice can break the experience ! besides it’s not a good communication methode if it’s in crowded area etc.

    chat keeps a supprior medium compared to voice and less problems with langauge differences.

    And now open the door for sansar linden lab ! Or it least get more open about it, and give more info.

  2. Lets say you and i are not the mass market. You and i with our little virtual worlds are a niche market, just a different niche market than the hardcore gamer crowd. Oculus and any other high priced HMDs will need to focus on the hardcore gamer niche to survive the first few years. That might well be possible and in the long run will work in our favour. It’s just annoying that it looks like it might be 2020 before we get accessible VR.

    It all depends on what the competition does.

  3. I see lot’s of fun in the HMD and hand controllers. But wearing something for long time on your head can be irritating, it’s mabey not do bad with HMD’s.

    Bigger problem i think can be voice and the lack of chat. Voice can be confusing or freaky. for some characters you need to use a voice morpher to keep in the character. That create a new problem because sofar i know HMD does not have a normal line-out and phone in plugs. So far not found a solution for that.

    Still HMD is exciting, can be good for the body to because you move your body more. But it need to be optional for now,and normal chat etc. is till very use full and required.

    Let’s see what we get for info with the next lab chat !

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