Egnog the Troll returns to Escapades Island with free gifts for all!

As with every Winter holidays in Second Life, Egnog the Troll has returned to Escapades island to give gifts to who ever can locate his secret Grotto.


This is a FREE simple little game to play with friends of by yourself. Just visit the Winter Engineer at the town centre on Escapades island. Click him and he will tell you to find 4 special crystal flowers thegong2at you will need in order to open the portal to Egnogs Grotto. There you will find the jolly troll who will either give you a gift or gobble you up!

Eggnog’s Grotto will be available until new year.


The game uses the Experience Tools to give a smooth fun easy experience, just click the engineer, find the flowers and stand next to them to progress through the quest.

Thank you everyone who has been supportive and encouraged me through the year. Have a great winter holiday and i look forward to bringing you more games and experiences in 2016.



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