The Second Childhood Network 2.1 #SL

For those who have never heard of it, the second Childhood Network was a project i started back in April 2009. It was a destination guide centred around my home community of Child Avatars with the aim to connect them all.

The Original worked well but was limited in its expansion and hard to update plus it would sometimes freeze and not work. The new version is much easier to maintain, and update, is more intuitive with more options and also does not stop working needing a script reset.

At the moment Viewer2’s built in web browser still will not open SLURL’s with 2 words to the SIMs name, but i have seen that this has been fixed in new Betas. In the meantime you can still access the network by clicking a small button to open the network in an external browser.

Anyways here are some examples of how the new 2.1 Kiosk works as well as details for people to submit their locations. You do not need to be a child avatar only location to be on the Second Childhood Network Kiosk, just Child avatar friendly.


I am currently taking submissions for Kid friendly places to be added to the Second Childhood Network.
Each participant of the SCN are expected to have an SCN Kiosk placed at their location. The Kiosk will use Shared media on a 6 Prim object with a button for Viewer1 users to click out to an external browser
To request being added you must supply these details in an email to
1. Subject heading must be ‘SCN SUBMISSION’
2. Your Second Life name
3. A brief description of your place
4. Which category you want your place listed. Adventure&exploration, Shopping, Clubs, Family Fun, Adoption or Roleplaying
5. An SLURL of the exact place you plan to place your network Kiosk.
6. A screen shot of your Place.
7. The Times your Place is most busy *optional*
8. Your Places website *optional*
I will then send you a Kiosk and will update the database with your submission ASAP.

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