First #SL Goony Adventure of 2011 – Exploring Caisteal

So earlier than usual the Goonies met up at the Clubhouse and teleported to Caisteal which started off in a Sci Fi space station area with beautiful futuristic scenery. From there we Transported to the surface of a planet and one place led to another…

Goonies arrive at the Caisteal Space port
watching the spacecrafts zip by
Discovering an alien egg pod thingy!
Putting on my space helmet before heading to the surface
Arriving with Kit, but where are the others?
oH there they are, surveying possible Goony fort locations
Slightly worried about Richardious wearing a red shirt on this mission
We discover a machine amongst the trees
A strange device teleports us into space
Then a snowy place with an inn & open fire
The Gang takes a quick break snuggled up to.. what ever that is!
Rule 6 of the Goony code: Find small door? go through it!
Arrived at a wonderful meadow
We discover a strange blue alien, so we chase it!
An so ends another adventure, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!
This was a truly awesome adventure where we discovered place after place with many little hidden surprises. Anyone who loves to aimlessly explore should check out Caisteal

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