Where are the Seamless Experiences?

Some people might be wondering where i’ve got to with regard to the Experience Tools…. well, i’m working on it!

Two months ago Linden Lab finally released the Experience Tools to a flurry of Blog Posts. Since then  no ones really heard much about it. The Destination guide list nine places as Experience Tools ‘Seamless Experiences’. Only Facebook users get to comment on the experiences though, which probably leaves them vulnerable to Facebook looking through and deleting profiles of those users :-p.

As is the case with most new scripting features of Second Life, Experience tools risks getting lost and forgotton in the sea of LSL Wiki pages like Pathfinding. It’s hard to promote a feature that requires the user to script it, unlike the Materials Feature which every user could learn to do by dropping images on a square in the edit window and see the result. To learn XPtools you need to find the tiny wiki page with bare bones examples of the scripts. Linden Lab don’t hold special developer keynotes showing off the new features with big examples or workshops to help creators   get to grips. They just throw it out there and hope someone picks it up and learns to use it.

The fact you have to script XP tools is one of the reasons why even though Experience Tools has been released you haven’t seen anything exciting yet from me. I used experience tools at SL12B for a simple task of auto attaching a hud to visitors but everything else such as story pop ups and camera overrides were simple actions that did not acquire XP tools. Escapades Island has a very basic implementation of the XP tools that auto attaches a HUD and teleports you when needed, but so far thats all it does and should not be taken as a great example of what XP tools can do.

It’s the 5th Anniversary of Escapades Island next weekend which means five years ago with the help of my friends i planned to make an island of adventure. But i’ve so far been unable to do the kind of experiences that really immerse people in an adventure. I know its possible now with XP tools, but i’m having to work hard to learn the extra scripting needed to do exactly what i want to do, especially regarding storing player data ‘Item Inventories’, ‘Leveling up’,’story Positions’ etc. But my goal is finally in sight as i work on the system that will allow me to quickly cobble together adventure stories.

Experience Tools is here, but you have to wait just a little bit longer to see what i’ve dreamed of doing for the past 5 years.

3 thoughts on “Where are the Seamless Experiences?

  1. Hi Loki,

    here are my comments to your thoughts:

    1) Almost all LL employees are scripters. They just can’t imagine how hard it is to create stuff if you don’t have a scripting background. They don’t understand how important good examples would be.

    2) The kind of experiences that you have in mind take months and years of preparation and development. Madpea created the most seamless experience so far in SL with their game Unia. And that took a dozen people two years (well, most people could only work on it in their spare time). If it would have been a full professional job, then I guess 2 people could have done it in 18 – 24 Months. If a one-man team like yourself would want to do it, then expect 4 years…

    3) There is not a sufficient user base in Second Life to make such experiences profitable. Let’s stay with the example of Unia. Madpea has the most experienced and powerfull promotion team in SL. Dozens of blogs have written about it. But in the end they gained 7000$ and had 12.000$ expenses. They had 2500 players and they have almost reached the point where the Sim is already more expensive than the income by new players.http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2015/08/second-life-unia-mmo-survival-game.html

    So I do expect some use for the experience tools, but I won’t expect many seamless experiences to come…

    • Good comments. I think i’ve written thoughts on the viability of professional experience development teams creating for SL before. People get to a point where they just hit SL’s limitations after forking for region tier costs and the hardship of getting word out there.

      I am aiming to show it’s possible to make awesome story experiences without having a huge team, and on a tiny budget. Wish me luck :-p

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