What a Mesh! #SL

I thought i would wait untill ive actually dabbled in making Mesh before posting about it, but i still haven’t had the time to try it yet. I did logon to the Beta grid though to try out the new viewer2 with its many new features and surprises and check out what everyone else was building.

First off i was ultra delighted to see SHADOWS added to the MAC viewer, and it worked quite well with my graphics Card. Apparently the new display names feature was supposed to be in the new viewer also, but i could not find it.

When trying to optimise the viewer using Blakopals great tips list, i noticed some options moved or missing, LL love to keep pro users on their toes. The Slide Side Bar tabs now have the ability to be detached from the side. The mini map can now be even more mini. I also saw a ‘clear group cache’ option, what that does i dont know. The same broke Anti-alias bug seems to persist, they better not release the next viewer like that! [UPDATE] The following day they DID!

Anyways, as for mesh there were some very impressive builds. For starters we have to start thinking differently about objects cost prim wise. We currently that a 1 prim object is 1 prim. But in the Meshworld 1 mesh object could cost as high as 70 prims depending on its complexity. Currently the prim costs of a single mesh object is still being calculated by Linden Lab. In time creators will master how to create detailed Meshobjects with low prim costs.

Walking around the beta mesh enabled sims was like arriving in SL 5 years ago when everything was so new and exciting. Looking around at what people had done I looked for objects that could not be done just as well with Sculpty prims. Mesh is definitely injecting a new wave of creative buzz and i cant wait to start dabbling in it myself. I’m thankful that i have been learning over the last year to use blender and AC3D 3D modelling software putting me in just the right level of experience to produce mesh content.

I am however aware that alot of people still dont use viewer2, which is a shame because viewer2 IS improving and is moving on to new exciting areas for the SLgrid and until LL can convince everyone to upgrade to V2 then im gonna feel held back in my creativity. For example, there is a lot of people who have visited my Burn2 build and not seen anything because they are not using a shared media viewer and so cant watch the video puzzles.

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