Adding Substance – Icarus Mk5 Pt2

Recently Linden Lab announced Sansar would support Substances. Substances are kind of the next generation of textures. In the old days you would slap a texture on a 3D model to give it colour and detail. But now we have substances which add colour and detail but also shiny surfaces, bumps and even light all in one.

A Substance breaks down into channels which can consists of Base colour, Normals/Bumps, Metalic/Specular, Hight, Emissions and more. I don’t need to go into details, all you need to know is a substance is a highly advanced form of texturing that can make it easier to get great results.


Messing with Substance
For the Icarus Mk5 i decided to experiment with a trial of allegorithmic’s Substance Painter software to see what kind of results i could get. In many ways Substance Painter is a cross between Photoshop and Blender. I watched a few Tutorial Videos and after one day i eventually managed to produce something i was happy with. The key to using Substance Painter for me is mastering the masking of layers. I especially liked how you can add stains to fabric using particle bursts for fun results.



Anyways, you might be wondering why I’m doing this since Second Life does not use Substances. Well Second Life’s Materials feature does use three out of the of the five channels that create a substance – Base colour, Specular and Normals.


So while i upload my Airship to the Online 3Dmodel network SketchFab which already supports Substances and PBR (Physically Based Rendering), i also import to Second Life minus two material channels rendered in Windlight or what ever LL call their rendering engine.

I thought maybe the results may give a glimpse at what the difference might be between content created in SL and that possible in Project Sansar?

Comparing the Airship rendered in Second Life (left) minus two channels, and in Sketch Fab (right) with all five substance Channels & PBR.


You can check out the fully Substanced Mk5 on my SketchFab account embedded below.

Icurus Mk5
by lokieliot
on Sketchfab

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