Virtual Steampunk Airships – Icarus Mk5 Pt1

Forget Sansar or High Fidelity, there is still way to much stuff i want to do in Second Life, new clothes, new buildings, new experiences. It’s hard to decide which one i should start on next but this week i began work on a new version of my Icarus Steampunk Airship.

Icarus Class Airship MK3 taking the Goonies on a flight over i cliff top town.

Icarus Mk5
To my Goony friends in SL the Icarus Airship is to me what the Batmobile is to Batman, the Tardis to the Doctor and the Delorean to Marty McFly. Countless adventures have been had boarding the ship.

The first iteration of the Icarus Airship was built back in 2006 loosely based on the film Star Dust. Using some hover vehicle scripts i found in a freebie box i have slowly over the years, refined, improved and figured out how the scripts work.


In 2011 i made the jump from Sculpts to Mesh creating the Mk4 using very limited new modelling skills. I didn’t even use Blender at the time i used some modelling software called Silo.

Since then i’ve got quite a bit better at 3D modelling and Second Life has added material channels for more detailed content, so it was about time i updated the Icarus Airship. I also hope to add cannons for the first time allowing the ship to be used in my Battle Balloon game.

The Mk4 is currently 36 Landimpact. Would be nice to keep the Mk5 around that size but with more detail.

Everything about this version should be better than the Mk4 from modelling, to texturing, its physics and scripting. There was a lot of stuff i did not quite understand when i made the Mk4 such as how to keep Land Impact low.

A key to quickly modelling can be the Mirroring Modifier. It reflects one side of the object meaning half the work is done. It also applies to UV unwrapping, so if you unwrap one side then the texture will be reflected on the other side also when finished.



Adding a lot more detail to this version as i would like it to sit happily next to the Battle Balloons and not look less quality.



Part 2: Adding Substance – Icarus Mk5 Pt2

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