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A friend pointed me to a site called Patreon this week. Its like an on-going kickstarter service for artists and as i browsed the service as part of my continuing lookout for new creative paths, i of course started to think how it could be used with Second Life.

The way Patreon works is you choose an artist or project you like and you agree to pay them a certain amount of money each time they come up with goods, you become a patron.

A quick search brought up a surprising amount of Second Life related projects already on Patreon from support for SL Blogs, Scripted HUD, Wrestling Machinema and SL 3D Artists. The diversity of projects tantamount to how Users use the Second Life Platform.

SL already kinda works in a Patronage way. I create for the friends and fans in SL and i think many of the people who rent my cabins and plots on Escapades Island do so in support of my on going mischief.

Wouldn’t it be grand if SL had it’s own built in Patreon style system were you could help fund the doers of SL to create the type of content you want to see…. pfffttt the amount of times i’ve written ‘wouldn’t it be great if Linden Lab did this… or added that!?”.

Perhaps SL and Project Sansar just need a simple way to incorporate outside services such as Sketchfab, Patreon, DeviantArt, Flickr, Twitter, Facebork and maybe even HighFidelity Content. Maybe all thats needed is better web on a prim?

It’s probably more complicated than i make it sound, but the upcoming upgrade of SL to the Chrome Embedded Framework might not just mean users get more robust web on a prim. This could also effect SL’s internal web based pages such as SL feed and Profiles?

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