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Today i found a little time to work up a small test to see what applications media on a prim could benefit from. I basically made a simple small big buttoned web site showing pics and a youtube video of the Scott Pilgrim video game.

I was using Viewer 2.1 Beta and the app loaded quite quickly and the CSS buttons worked nice and slick. The animated giffs worked and it was easy to start thinking about what else could be possible. Animated posters, information boards, all manner of ideas which might pop up during Burning Life 2010. One thing that i was disappointed with was the lack of SLURL compatibility. Linking either to an SLURL, or a ‘secondlife://’ refused to open a landmark within the SL viewer. Nor was i able to find a work around or solution to opening SLURLs from shared media. This is shocking since Prim Apps could be perfect for advertising helpful info about the grid and its many places.

I want to make a small Prim App that would show popular Child Avatar places in SL, but being unable to click for teleport via shared media puts a halt on that.

If you know of a way to do this, please IM me!

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