My last post about Oculus, my first about Sansar

Well it was fun being part of the re-hype of Virtual Reality but being a Mac user i must accept that at least with regards to Oculus it’s not going anywhere for quite some time.

I first grabbed an Oculus back in 2013 with the hope that soon i would be exploring virtual worlds as if i was actually there and the DK1 made it seem all the more possible. 

The first attempts by Linden Lab to connect Oculus to Second Life were poor but showed promise. Kickstarter Demos such as Technolust made me back them and other Oculus projects with excitement. But then the DK2 came out and while many users were expressing how much of an improvement it was, i was not so impressed. Sure the screen resolution was better but it just didn’t work out the box like the DK1 did and hinted at a decrease in support for OS X and Linux which ultimately lead to Oculus finally stating “Our development for OS X and Linux has been paused in order to focus on delivering a high quality consumer-level VR experience at launch across hardware, software, and content on Windows. We want to get back to development for OS X and Linux but we don’t have a timeline.”

What does this mean for projects hoping to create cross platform VR services like High Fidelity and Sansar? They can ether wait three or four years and hope oculus dos well enough consider it financially viable to support multi platforms, or perhaps they can start looking at other HMDs .

While i continue to read fascinating studies about how Oculus was being used for social experiments, research and projects that help people the main focus has turned to gaming and media consumption. While the Oculus Brand of VR initially retreads old consumer ground for an increasingly niche group of well off PC gamers, i find myself no longer interested in it.  Perhaps it’s time to look towards the augmented reality camp for an experience that will push VR beyond playing games and watching movies.

Yeh I’m annoyed that Oculus dropped support for the Mac, so i’ve written a prediction of how it will pan out for Oculus. Yes this is me cursing Oculus.

1. Oculus is delayed past 1st quarter of 2016.

2. Oculus comes out at a higher price than most expected

3. Oculus sells are poor.

4. Oculus decides after all it’s not financially viable to add support for the mac or Linux as it struggles with a niche of high income gamers.

5. Eveyone forgets Oculus.

Meanwhile i’m still fully entrenched in Virtual Worlds and have a lot still to explore and give in that area. Sure there will be no Oculus in my foreseeable future but there is still a lot happening off the back of it’s hype. 


My Hope for Sansar.

I’ve still yet to see anything of the new project from Linden Lab. Maybe it will try and add HMD support or maybe it will simply be a platform as such that future technology can much easily be added to rather than badly retrofitted to. There are small companies out there on kickstarter building fascinating amazing technologies that would fit right in on a virtual worlds. I hope Sansar will be the kind of place that will welcome those companies in and flourish. 

As for how current Second Life Users will adjust? Sometimes i feel this could be the end of Second Life, other times i doubt Sansar will grow quickly enough to establish itself Like Second Life did. What will having Sansar alongside Second life be like? Perhaps logging into the Beta Grid will give an idea? 

What if Sansar does not appeal to us old VR peoples? what if Sansar attracts mainly new people? Linden Labs Patterns managed to make a nice community of users who had never heard of Second Life, that was until Linden Lab killed it, so maybe Sansar will attract a new crowd leaving us to continue with Second Life until we all die out. Happy thought.

5 thoughts on “My last post about Oculus, my first about Sansar

  1. I am much more optimistic about High Fidelity, because it is decentralized and open source. Though I will probably be present in SL and SL2 as well. Linux is a must for me and Facebook a no-go. So I am not very excited about the Oculus anymore. I think it will be similar to those 3D movie theatres like the IMAX. They are good for a wow-effect and nice to go to from time to time, but nothing for everyday life.

  2. I still see the oculus rift type devices as bubble. I don’t see it growing very fast.

    about the grids, i wish the did give more info about sansar. Especially the costs.
    meanwhile im complete lost and don’t know what to choice. mesh drained the creative fun out of virtual worlds too. Mesh is going to be a big problem for people if you can only build with external complex building tools that have a very high learning curve compared to sl1 or opensim. I hope the work around that, the need to get the minecraft spirit, but then in higher quality.

    meanwhile there still other problems to solve
    secondlife have what open is missing. opensim have what secondlife never can land. if the wild sell a sim for 25$ then choices where not so hard or at least more easy. meanwhile sansar is around the corner in dark alley, and we have as last high fidelity that could solve 2 problems and combine sl and opensim for most things together. But there’s lot’s to do in the new grids.

    But still not see wich direction it’s going.
    Except the strong feeling that it’s all aimed on professional content creations and people that only buy and buy.and buy. The need to make mesh building easy, not with complex external programs. It need to be inworld. Also, it don’t need to look like RL. Just keep imagination and creativity in the virtual world. something that seems to fade.

    The mean problem right now is what are the cost for the new world, it need to be CHEAP. second problem, everybody need to have the optoon to build and create. Especially if you read that LL is aiming for age 13+ people with small budget and possible not interessted to learn blender or want to use the learning curve.

  3. I agree on the Rift, I think the Oculus team had a golden window of opportunity but missed it by trying to keep improving it and improving it all the time.
    Of course they have to make sure it is really good but people are getting tired of waiting and the competition is bypassing them left right and center.
    If they had sold the DK2 this year or even last year, they might have gotten their success because it was pretty decent and a great experience for all those new users.
    They could have also kept it relatively affordable.

    Either way, I think the oculus might fail but I am pretty sure VR and VR headsets in general won’t.
    We’ve seen them work, we’ve had out taste, the tech is here, we want more.
    They will come, they will change the world, but they may not be called Rifts.

    With Sansar all we can do is wait.
    I thin there is one really important thing LL has to get right and that is to make sure we keep our freedom to do and build what we like and make this easy to all.
    We NEED our inworld building tools.
    If people like me get brain pain from 3D software, many other users will too, especially new users.
    We need to be able to create mesh inworld.
    We can deal with the rest.

    • Actually i was talking to Drax about you. I had an idea i discussed at one of my weekly meetings about wether i could teach people like you how to code in SL via linking objects together and seeing cause and effect of the scripts inside them. Its an idea i might try to do.

    • 3D tools, the nightmare for a virtual world.

      I can work with blender, well sort off. Because it still gives me headaces and i try to avoid it for real building. It’s especially the part with texturing that’s made so complex. why can the not made (inworld) tool like secondlife hve for texturing and building. but the build section need to get a vertices edit mode so you can make good shapes.

      For now am still falling back to mesh studio. But thar’s not available in opensim. thst would solve some problems for me. build in opensim or secondlife. convert it with mesh studio. then add the textures in blender and use it in high fidelity. 50 times faster and more easy then trying to make something in blender.

      So if we need to use external tool, someone need to make one that’s as simple like using secondlife + mesh studio. Better is to get inworld tools. And i jope the come in high fidelity and sansar or lot’s of people stay in secondlife or opensim, or stop using virtual worlds at all.

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