Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 3

All eyes were on Linden Lab last week as they axed over 100 employees in its apparent shift in direction. Some say LL is in some kind of financial trouble. Others are saying LL are shifting focus from getting real world businesses to use SL to rebuilding the abused andtired long supporting residents of SL. This maybe to late as news blogs who once used to poke fun at Phillip Linden and his funky fellow Lindens, now rip the shit out of every word of M Lindens blog posts. Second Life feels like its on the edge of revolution.

In the middle of all this i’m trying to kick start the Goony.2.0 Project and while Linden Lab continue to screw up new viewers, social networking web sites and promises of future goodness, I’m pushing ahead to make and manage a great SIM regardless.

My biggest hurdle right now is getting the word out about goony island. I will have to work harder to get people on board and to help i’ve made a new website about the Island.
Visit it www.goony2.0.whatever

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