The 10th Beltaine Wickerman on Escapades Island

The Wickerman at Beltaine is the oldest tradition I’m involved with in Second Life. Each year friends old and new parade up the mountain side to light and burn the great wickerman. We first did this for fun with a small group of new friends, little did we know 10 years later we’d still be doing it in Virtual Space.

It’s a simple experience that new friends look upon with wonder while old friends look forward to with glee. While i spend most of it making sure everything falls apart in order i do enjoy logging out and heading to the SLfeed to check out what snapshots were posted capturing the different views of the same event.

Here are a selection of images taken by friends from yesterdays event.


“See to your left and then to your right.

we all share this moment this night.

Honour those who have joined us this past year, and remember those who are no longer standing amongst us here.

Watch the Wickerman burn, and let your heart rejoice at springs return.

Beltaine blessings to each and everyone, and hear us cry…


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