Fantasy Faire: Escorts of the Lesser Sidhe

wellThe roleplaying at Fantasy Faire continues and all seems at peace in Poppetsborough now that the four Wells of Knowledge are flowing again. The dark tears that appeared last week have all sealed up thanks to the wonderful giving spirit of those who joined the Mouse Guardians.

Dogstar_avatarToday though a special traveller is visiting the Poppetsborough town at 12pm SLT. Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe is an ancient mysterious fellow belonging to a wise race of fae that once served the first gods. Now tasked with watching over a small island he rarely gets time to visit other realms.

But a visitor os such importance as Dogstar needs help and protection as he arrives in Fantasy Faire and travels across the rams to Poppetsborough. That is why the Mouse Guardians have been tasked with guiding Dogstar when he arrives and protecting him from what perils might threaten his visit. The more Mice Guardians that gather the safer the mystical Lesser Sidhe will be!

The Guardians will gather at 12pm slt at the train station and await further instruction.

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