Escapades Instants: Instant Fun for SL land owners

As a land owner you want control over what visitors can rez. To often you end up returning lots of trash left behind like the odd condo, but you don’t really want to stop people from rezzing stuff and having fun? Well thats were my Escapades Instants come into play. 

Escapades Instants are a range of rezzers that allow anyone to click and rez a fun temporary vehicle. These are toys i created over the past 4 years for my Island Anniversary parties and are meant to bring instant fun.


The Mini Tug Boats: These little tug boats are cute and were the first racing vehicles i built for escapades. The Barrel will rez a tug of random colour. Perfect for those little water spaces.


The Steam Shopping Trollies: Randomly rezzes from three different paint jobs. These trollys actually seat two people for high speed shopping trolly action. Great for urban street fun.


The Extreme Whales: These big friendly whales love giving new friends rides around the coasts of the the Grid. Perfect for slow moving calm adventures.


The Dodgem Cars: Classic 80s style speeding dodgem cars that fall apart as you bump into your friends. When together in a gang of friends these dodgems will leave you with tears in your eyes from laughing to hard.


Surfing Squid: With planks strapped to their backs, these giant squid can be great fun on the virtual waves.

Each Escapades Instants pack also comes with check point banner for those who wish to hold races at events. Great for just placing on your land and adding that extra bit of instant fun for your visitors.


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