Xiasumi School Festival: Uniforms & Arcades Machines

So yes i’m one of the designers at this years Xiasumi School Festival. After finishing my Mesh Avatar it was inevitable that i would at some point make V4 school uniforms.

Gakuren School Uniform

Xiasumi School Fest gave me an opportunity to make and showcase new uniforms and after a suggestion from my friend Pokute i decided to make a Japanese style Gakuren uniform in theme with the Xiasumi School.

The Gakuren Jacket comes with everything built into one top. Click the back to get a menu and select wether to wear the jacket closed, open, with shirt buttoned up or open, or without the Jacket, long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt. No more will you have to browse inventory for the look of the moment.


This has to be one of my best clothes yet. Not only was i pleased with the material mapping, but the shape and features that allow you to customise how you wear the uniform on the fly is my best yet. Im already working on a western style uniform that i hope to have on sale next week.


Retro Arcade Table

Another idea Pokute gave me was to make an arcade machine to go with the club theme i chose. So i went ahead and made a retro arcade table. Modelling in blender was pretty easy and quick, as was adding the textures. Material Mapping the Carbon Fibre casing and the Glass top made for some very nice detailing.


The real work came when i scripted the arcade to make authentic sounds and animations. Like most things i make, i wanted it to be more than just a static object. I wanted to make it so when you sat at the table it played the game animation and music. This took me and my friend Wulfric quite a while to figure out due to how SL handles sounds.

Two can sit at the arcade, great for moments when you need a chat. Also can choose between 5 games to display, each with their own authentic sounds when Fidel and when playing.

arcade4 arcade2

Lokis Retro Arcade Table
by lokieliot
on Sketchfab

Some have already asked why i could not simply add flash games to the machine and the answer simply is because SL’s webkit is crap and Mac users can’t view flash video because of that. If Linden Lab ever update the web plugin, perhaps then i can make arcade machines that actually play proper games via flash, HTML5 or javascript.

Both the uniforms, Arcade Table and other items are available from today in my classroom at the Xiasumi School Festival on the GAME/COMPUTER club area. You can try out the Arcade table there. 🙂

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