Who is Linden Lab? oh yeh them guys :(

I’ve been so busy in New Babbage renovating old builds that i’ve been a bit oblivious of whats been going on with Linden Lab and the State of Second Life. It’s been kind of good actually, being so engrained in my projects that i forgot who LL were for a while.

The latest Linden Lab drama is to do with XstreetSL, which they bought out a while ago. It’s a successful web based Virtual product cataloging service that most prolific content creators started to use after Second Lifes built in search system became… well… crap.

It has worked fine for years cataloging items for free then taking a percentage of the sales. Linden Lab now want to change that by charging a monthly fee on each item. I’ll admit that i hardly make any money from Xstreet, i do make enough to warrant having items on there though. I also use it as a way to promote my island. LL claim this is to weed out the crap products from the good products, a quality control me thinks, or simply just wanting to make more money from our work. Me being english i choose the cynical answer of LL wanting more money.

Many have rushed to remove their items from Xstreet and moving to free alternatives such as Slapt

What i will end up doing is probably having one item on Xstreet advertising everything in my INWORLD shop, Use Xstreet as an advert rather than sell items. I cant afford to list all my items in Xstreet, im too busy paying for my homestead tier.

I cant help but think SL is becoming a bit of a Class battleground, those who can afford the expensive hobby that is SL and those who cant.

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