Back in New Babbage

If any of you have been wondering where i’ve been the last week or so, well other than Burning Life 09, i have returned to the Steampunk Town of New Babbage. It’s around this time that i hang up my SLC group clothes and don my steampunk hat to bring joy to the residents of New Babbage.

Last Sunday we had the Annual Burning Barrel Race. There was a bit of server Lag this year, but that did not stop the residents having fun as they tried to navigate their barrels through the town.

On Thursday i held a large Fireworks display which was visible from outside the Loki Absinthe cafe. I had just finished refurbishing the cafe after it had lain derelict for most of 2009.

Im planning on being in New Babbage right up until christmas, rebuilding old buildings, and building new ones as well as starting some Steampunk roleplays. This means i will not be at Goony Island much.

My fear is that because i wont be running events on Goony island that there will be no incentive to donate to its costly tier.

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