In January 2010 Linden Lab bought a little social website called Avatars United. Everyone i know flocked to it and started up little groups and sharing. By September 2010 Linden Lab closed down Avatars United and not long after…… the SL feed appeared.

I love the SL Feed but it always feels like it’s half way between being closed down by the Lab or being expanded to fully function with Second Life. If the current trend is anything to go by, i would not be surprised if the Lab decide to close SLfeed down now that we can export to third party services such as twitter and Facebork.

There is more support for posting Marketplace items on Twitter and Facebork than there is for Second Life’s own social network page, same goes for destination guide and i expect the same for Experiences once thats out.

I wonder what SLfeed is to Linden Lab? is it perhaps a legacy feature that’s crumbling in the wind of time, causing grumbles every time it acts up and stops posting peoples shared experiences of the grid.

I wonder what SLfeed is to the majority of Second Life’s users, most of who don’t even know the feed exists.

For me it’s still the main place i go if i want to see what my friends have been up to on the grid. It’s where each day i receive this or of a similar message.

“good day good afthermoon, good morning Loki”


UPDATE: It fells to me that by buying Avatars United, Linden Lab destroyed something that could have grown to be a pivotal service in the new VR Hype Cycle. Avatars United could have become a popular alternative to Facebook and other Anti-Anonymity services and a service of choice for new Virtual Worlds. Oh well :).

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  1. When the Lindens launched the new suggestion feature, my first suggestion was to improve the feed. It has such huge potential that I daily bump my head on the wall asking why the Lab does not see that. I mean it could be an even bigger part of our second lifes than Facebook is for peoples first lifes. Bigger because it could provide the same utility without having those privacy concerns that everybody outside of Silicon Valley has. With a better feed we could know where our friends are in real time. We could discover new interesting places from the people that we trust and it would be much easier to stay in contact with our friends. I have 400 friends on my friends list. 90% of those I don’t even know how they got there. But with them posting updates, it would be much easier to stay in contact. It would also be a much better way for businesses in SL to update their followers about new products, instead of spamming them with notices. Clubs could announce events and after the event post pictures from them.
    The first thing I would do is add a new button to the taskbar which opens the feed in a separate window, not some hidden subsite of a profile window that most 3rd party viewers don’t even display. This button shows a little number that is the number of unread posts, to encourage people to check for updates. I would make it really easy to access, maybe even add a widget to the log in page. Also I would add a photo album, where all the pics go that a user posts. Currently they just disappear. Maybe a special form for club owners to post event details (time, location, theme etc.) would be an idea. But basically they can steal all the features that facebook provides. No need to be innovative. A better feed would also be perfect to allow people to stay in contact with SL1 friends once they move on to SL2.

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