My latest clothes are more like toys :-) #SL


Just before Christmas i released a new Hoody, Pyjamas and Snowpants as the start of my new V4 Clothing range. Since then i have been working hard on getting the T-Shirt and Jeans ready for release ahead of my Mesh Avatar project, and now they are.

I’m really pleased with the T-Shirts and Jeans and worked hard to get them to fit regular classic kid, women and also adult men avatars. Thanks to all those who helped model for my shaping. The main difference with these new Shirts and Jeans is you can click them for extra options.  They are no longer just simple clothes, they are in fact toys to be played with. The Jeans can be set to sag, the shirts can be set to be either long or short sleeved. Hoodies can be set to be zipped or unzipped, with hoods up or down. With material mapping the clothes are scripted to know when you are in water and change to appear wet before drying out in the sun.

As i make more clothes over the coming months i hope to create unique clothes that offer fun features that will enhance the fun in your Second Life. To see the new Clothing Features of the V4 Range in action watch the short video below 🙂 then check out the FREE demos on Marketplace and see for yourself! – DEMO SHIRTDEMO JEANS.


Also for for those who have been long time Loki Mesh fans, i have set up an SLfeed Thread for people to list their favourite past T-Shirt designs. I will then ad them to the production list to be converted to the New V4 T-Shirts.

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