V4 Clothes Range is here, but is it too late?

Say Loki Eliot and most people will think of my clothing range. It did not take me long to turn my designer skills towards customising the skin texture based clothing of Second Life avatars back in the beginning and now I find myself doing more and more complex stuff.

Over the past year i have been exploring and developing my own Mesh kid avatar in the hope i can create clothes for myself that look better than whats traditionally possible. This has taken a lot of time an effort but the results where quite promising using material mapping for extra details.

The new V4 Hoody is jam packed full of gadgetry

But making clothes has gone beyond just texturing a shape. I wanted to make clothes that were little experiences in themselves. For instance the new V4 Hoody is scripted to allow you to flip the hood with a little animation and sound, the front zip can be pulled down to reveal a t-shirt underneath. I’ve also incorporated the experimental Wet Mode that reacts to being in SL water turning darker to look damp using materials to give a wet shine. They then dry over time. The christmas Jumpers/Sweaters have animated flashing fairy lights which you can switch on and off quite easily.

Snapshots look the flashing animated Invaders as well as the subtle details of light reacting to the material mapping


Creating clothes for my new mesh kid avatar is so easy but what i found difficult was making the new clothes compatible with the old classic avatar. In the end i think i managed to make sizes that will fit old kid avatars, woman and adult men, all in the pack.

Also releasing my first ever Pyjama sets

Over a year ago i created the V3 range which used shoulder joint rigs to improve shoulder movement on smaller avatars. Unfortunately there was a bug in the viewer than meant if you took the shirt off, your avatar would spasm and deform out of shape. This led to a lot of people thinking my shirts were broke and it wasn’t until this month that Linen Lab managed to fix the bug. The V4 range is not joint rigged because i created an entire mesh avatar instead. So a lot is riding on the new V4 range, will my clothing business succeed again, or has it been irreparably damaged by my incessant need to innovate and try out new stuff?

I’ve managed to release Hoodys, Snowboard Pants, Christmas Jumper and Pyjamas before christmas with T-shirts, Jeans to follow in the new year. I’m hoping that with the base shapes for my new Mesh Kid Avatars and the Classic Avatars, i should be able to create quicker and with more interesting designs in the coming year.

You can check out my new experiments on Marketplace or my inworld store, Demos are free and designed to look as good as the clothes on sale.

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