Vortex going strong

Not mentioned the Vortex for a while. I’ve been DJ’ing there pretty much every week for the past 3 years. It’s coming close to its 4th birthday soon and if my show last night is anything to go by, it’s still going strong. Like Goony island the place is ingrained into the Second lives of many Kid avatars as a place where they first met friends and heard stories.

I Still enjoy playing my latest findings in modern music to the crowds that turn up during my 2 hour set. The last two shows were a blast 🙂 Who else has any fond memories from the Vortex?

1 thought on “Vortex going strong

  1. I like dropping in at the Vortex every now an then, even if i usually arrive an fall asleep! Was one of the first safe places i found, and there are always new friends to meet 🙂

    Long live the Vortex!

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