Goony Island will not go up in price again!!!

As my fellow Goonies know, Goony island was under the threat of becoming too expensive a hobby. Linden Lab are trying harder and harder to convince everyone that its a viable platform for serious business while making it increasingly impossible for the social hobby residents to enjoy their virtual projects.

I HAVE TO THANK everybody who has donated to the hefty monthly tier price of USD$95. There has been one or two occasions where i thought it was all over but someone always seems to pop up last minute to save the day. I REALLY APPRECIATE the support and try to put as much effort i can into making the place enjoyable for all it’s fans as it means so much to so many people.

It was planned that in July the price for tier would go up AGAIN to USD$125 making it officially a rich mans game. But Thankfully Linden Lab have for some reason decided to hold off the price hike for another year on Homesteads that were purchased before July 1st. This is great news for Goony island and all it’s very supportive Goonies 🙂

Perhaps by next year a major advance in Open Grid technology will allow the Goonies to break free from the lab… but until then we can only shout loud that ‘GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!’

1 thought on “Goony Island will not go up in price again!!!

  1. Yep, Goonies never say die… we may occasionally say “What the … was that!??!”, more often “hu?”, but never “die”!

    Great news, Loki, long live Goony Island!

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