SL Experiences – The Escapades Island Experience

Escapades island has now been upgraded to the new SL Experiences Feature.



What is Escapades Island?

Its an Island of adventure where you can grab a stick from either the Rickety Town Centre or the many Sushi Bars dotted about the island. Explore and bash open boxes, bushes and barrels to find gifts or monsters. Be careful though as Monsters bite and can lower your health. Unless you eat Sushi you will pass out and awake at the lost point.


What is SL Experiences?

When you take part in an SL Experience, you choose to grant a place permission to do a whole bunch of things in one go.


Why is this such a big deal?

The big deal is it allows creators to give you more fluid games or experiences taking away the need to click pop up windows every time things need to happen.


What things does the Escapades Island Experience do?

SL Experiences will allow Escapades Island to automatically attach a special HUD & Stick that allow you to bash objects and find prizes all over the island. It allows the island to teleport you to secret places or back to a respawn point if you pass out from being bit by to many monsters. When you leave the island the HUD and Stick detach themselves from you.



How can i try the Escapades Island Experience?

Simply visit Escapades Island Rickety Town Centre and walk over to Board 2 to be be added tot he Experience. Read the Boards for hints and Tips.



Is that all?

No, over time more prizes will be added, new secret places to explore, and stories to uncover. If you want to try a small experimental story, check out the Cheese Fairy.



Escapades Island

Looking for adventure? Look no further than Escapades Island, a place jam packed with interesting places to explore. Explore steampunk houses, pirate seafronts, castle ruins and peaceful forest walks. Grab a free Escapades bashing stick to uncover prizes and monsters while exploring the many secrets and games on the island!

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