Shop woes

Just when i thought all me shops were sorted and i would not have to worry about em for a bit, the West Indies trading island where my main shop is decides to remodel. This means all me stuff gets returned to me and i have to put it back in a shop that probably will look worst. Its the BAIN of all shop renters. I used to have a shop at the Garden of Eden shopping Mall, but the owner kept remodelling almost everyweek so i though fuk that and left without getting me money back. I also used to have a shop at Clown Town, that got remodeled, then they hiked the price up and i refused to pay and left.

Anyway, now that i have a main store on my own land at the Goonies Clubhouse, i’ll at least have one shop that i dont have to worry about.

Had a great party last friday. Many visited and after me and a couple of others spent the aftermath on the beach just chatting… was indeed a sweet night….

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