The State of Shopping in SL

There was a time where i had 5 shops on the go which brought in a load of money to pay for the rent of my Islands and even have some profit to change back into real money. It was the early days when SIM owners survived off content creators who rented shops in big shopping malls or parks. There were plenty of corners to Market back then in the SL boom!

Today im looking at putting everything i sell in my shops on Xstreet SL. I’ve just updated my main store on my own island and have also updated the items at my only other store in Inner Child. I have always had a shop at Inner Child, that mall has been in SL for years, even before i joined back in 2005. I hardly make any money from my shop there, but i keep it there all the same.

The truth is the days of the Shopping Mall are numbered and once gone, what will land owners do to keep their islands? When you buy a SIM your time in SL suddenly becomes a game of raising enough cash to pay for the dam thing. You at least want to find a way to pay the continually rising prices of the tier.

Not long ago, all you had to do was buy a SIM, and put a mall on it and get people to rent space to help pay for the tier, but now with XStreet being bought by LL its not long before it’s and intergrated search feature in the Viewer where shopping malls will no longer exist leaving empty shopping space in many areas. SIMs will dissapear as they struggle to find new ways to make money back for the expensive hobby.

The recession is hitting peoples RW lives, and Linden Lab keep kicking us while we are down. Good Luck everyone 🙂

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  1. Second Life Shopping Malls are certainly a mixed blessing. They do help pay the tier, but often they lack any soul or spirit, and end up being blights to neighbors. One can only hope that the malls with spirit can continue while the ones only in it for the money dwindle.

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