Thinking about this year so far.

Fast approaching half way through this year. So far it’s been a mixed bag in regards to Second Life.

We’ve had a new CEO and with him a sort of shrinking sense of the Lab now that they’ve opened the windows to let us peer inside. We see a team struggling with the legacy of a decade while around Second Life are rising new stars of VR who would sooner forget the lessons learnt about human interaction & embodiment in a goaless digital virtual shared space.

The hype of the Oculus is already wearing off, as the dream of what i could do with it is always a much more simpler dream than the reality it is. The reality of course being that in a few years time rather than right now, after buying more hardware to cover my body, only then will i be closer to the dream.

As we reach the halfway point in 2014, i find myself discontented with my clothing range. In an attempt to create a better looking shape, i created a monster that people felt uncomfortable with, so now I’m putting in even more time to research the ultimate way to supply demand for clothes that just work and don’t break in TPV’s or bugged Main Viewers.

Fitted Mesh is being very difficult to get my head around. So far it’s still looking like for best results stay an adult size, because once you stray off that path you end up on the dark side of fitted mesh. To make things harder for myself my new custom rigged avatar is proving a real challenge to add  fitted mesh bones to allow slider customisation. If i could pull this off then maybe the future of my business will be much brighter.

Finally looking ahead to the second half of the year i’m starting to cut projects. There will be no halloween experience this year, and i will not be taking part in Burn2. Instead i will be concentrating my efforts towards running an RP story in New Babbage and rebuilding Escapades Island. Escapades still has large sections created with Sculpty prims which i hate. The pirate village, Castle ruins, and pathways all need to be rebuilt in mesh while the Bashable game system needs a major overhaul.

While Sl11B looks to the future of SL,  i need to get my head down and think about whats here and possible now.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about this year so far.

  1. I don’t think that your diminishing mesh clothing sales is due to the quality, Loki. There are now simply too many brands offering child fashion for this small niche market. At the beginning of the mesh area you were an almost exclusive seller. Now I know more of a dozen great child fashion brands and even more resellers, and the potential client base hasn’t grown.
    You are dealing with a market which has lost the balance between offer and demand. Therefore I do not see anyone making much money by selling child avatar fashion in the near future…
    In any case I wish you good luck and economic success with all your projects!

    • Thanks Estelle, but its not what my sales and emails suggest. The demand is there as i see my free kid avatars flow off the shelf in a steady stream, along with demos of my clothing, but they do not turn into sales. And questioning has shown that some just find the joint rigging confusing while also finding my clothes flat due to not using Advanced Lighting. So while i personally find my clothes to be pretty awesome, that not how its seen by a majority. Add to this the fact that i sell more of my V1 clothes than V3.

      All these things need to be taken in account with my next range and could lead to 2 specific ranges such as perhaps a High Spec clothes and Poor Spec Clothes.

    • I think only after Oculus VR for sale, is it going to start changing everything. But people are increasingly demanding and will want everything perfect. I never bought anything in Second Life, and only do that when I buy Oculus VR. Then I’ll want to have everything (One island, many clothes. etc.)

  2. Your clothes look great, but there is a reason why is not sold, so it looks like your view is the need to activate the “advanced lighting” mode, but the sad reality is that most people have no idea that or is it serves, and even knowing, not activated because the computer resource consuming, but I think that eventually more people will have better computers and eventually will have those common effects activated

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